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Athma – My Mind My Care is a counselling and mental health promotion platform providing psychotherapies and psychiatric consultation through both online and offline means in a cost-effective and highly accessible way.

Our Services


To support people experiencing emotional, psychological or interpersonal difficulties thereby, contributing towards their quality of life.


To address deeper, underlying psychological issues and patterns that may contribute to mental health conditions.


To empower clients and students to enhance their capacities and be competent to face the professional as well as personal challenges

What Makes Us Different?

Secure & Confidential

We establish a safe and trusting environment for clients to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

Affordable Price

We provide cost-effective price for our services with various payment plans making it affordable for all.

Qualified Counsellors

We have professionally qualified therapists and a multidisciplinary team to provide solutions for all mental health challenges.


We provide online service along with offline options which make it accessible for people around the globe at any time in their finger tip.

What Our Clients Say

"I was completely worried about my kid’s development. He was not even ready to sit for at least 10 minutes continuously, but now he is anticipating for the 1hr session with complete preparations. The score card system enables him to accomplish the tasks with his level best performance. The tasks are age appropriate and the detailing about the task during the session has reduced the parent’s involvement in the tasks. I am witnessing the positive change in my child’s personality. Thanks to Athma."
Before the counselling section in My Mind My Care, I was in constant mental distress and pain. It is natural to be skeptical about anything on the internet. By God’s grace, I stumbled on the My Mind My Care online counselling website. It was a great experience receiving counselling advice from My Mind My Care counsellor, they advised me what to do on how to achieve my career goals and I would recommend anyone to seek counselling from them.
I was a person with a lot of discomforts. So I had used numerous methods, I never got complete care from anywhere. But this My Mind My Care is more than admirable. The counselors must be having many experiences with modern counseling techniques, only then this kind of touching therapeutical care comes out. It was certainly touched my mind.I wish all the best to my Mind My Care.

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Athma – My Mind My Care with a team of experts who are available in both online and offline modes are there to provide a safe and regular space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings.

24 x 7 Online counselling & Mental health services support by our experts.

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