Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Athma- My Mind My care and we appreciate and thank you for this initiation to make a change in your life. Athma is committed to help you 24 x 7 and we request your understanding on the following terms and conditions for the better utilization of our services. Please read carefully, as this document will serve as the contract for the therapeutic relationship.

Counselling results

Athma- My Mind My care provides counselling support through qualified and experienced counselling professionals. We provide the best service without being judgmental towards your situation. Counselling may not offer complete solution for a long lasting problem in the first session itself. So as client, you should be willing to undergo the process of transformation and partner in the therapeutic relationship. The information provided in the website and the instructions of the counsellors is not a substitute to any medication or health support you are receiving, and hence advices from medical professionals with regard to health aspects are to be followed and Athma will not be responsible for any issues in this regard. For severe mental illness and suicidal tendencies, psychiatrists and other concerned support has to be availed initially and counselling service provide a supportive role in the recovery process and compliment the results. Athma –may refuse our service and refer to appropriate individual/ agency in cases which is beyond our capacity


All payments are to be made online before availing for services and payments once made will not be refunded. However, change of scheduled time of counselling, packages and service is possible before 24 hours of the service delivery. Services availed cannot be shared with family members or friends and separate registration is to be made for any service, other than for the person who has made the payment. Technical issues in transfer of funds can be informed to us through email- info@mymindmycare.com and any faults from our side will be addressed appropriately.

Nature of service

Counselling services of Athma is in online mode and facilities for tele-counselling, chat, video call; email is available based on the service package and need of the intervention. In addition to counselling, there will be other wellness products and services, tailored to meet the demands of emotional healing process. Group and family sessions, trainings and tasks will be given for the effective implementation of therapeutic process. These aspects will be incorporated in the packages as per the need of the client and the nature of the problem.

Athma- website/ application will provide additional information with regard to mental wellbeing and self-growth, using its own resources and linking 3rd party resources. These services are free of cost and are meant for the general awareness of public and will help individuals to identify and seek support for emotional issues that put them in distress.


The client can cease the service at any point of time, if they find their issue solved or in case of dissatisfaction in services. Athma can stop the service to the client in grounds of misconduct as mentioned above or in situations where the existing law has to take action. All such situations will be duly informed and an email will be sent as receipt of action from our end. Re-admssion is possible, when the underlying reason for termination is resolved and decision taken by Athma in this regard is final. 

Code of conduct

Counselling is a process where mutual respect and understanding is important and there are professional boundaries to be kept to elicit the best results. Availability in the scheduled time and having the facilities in place is the responsibility of the client and we will make sure it is done from ends. Any change in this regard has to be intimated well in advance, either through phone or by email. The content of the website, applications and our services are the sole property of Athma, and inappropriate use like copying the content, making changes, using it for commercial purposes etc., will invite legal measures. The client is expected to provide accurate and true personal details which are relevant for counselling. Use of obscene language, behaviour with offensive and sexual indications is strictly prohibited and Athma can terminate it services, immediately in such occasions. Athma respects the individuality and dignity of our clients and we expect the same towards us, failing which legal measures will be taken if there is anything goes beyond the proportion. Use of Athma website and other platforms for personal promotion, business purposes, infringing the privacy of our service team as well as other clients through any means, including social media will be significant violation of terms and conditions and the existing law will take its course if such activities are reported. All users of our services, including those who visit our site should strictly follow these terms and help us to serve you better.


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*Jurisdiction is generally included-based on office registration- Civil Court of Kollam.

*sending promotional messages, greetings etc., through any medium has to be incorporated in any of the clause in this section. This should be with an unsubscribe option- if by email and other notification mechanism, through social media

* If external support of legal advisor, psychiatrist or other professional is hired- appropriate clause has to be incorporated – with regard to privacy & quality of services.

Athma reserves all rights for suspending or making changes in any of the terms and conditions in its website/ application content at any point of time. It is the sole responsibility of the client to visit the website link and be updated with the changes.

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