How to identify mental health issues of your child?

Mental Health Statistics of Children

Almost 4 million children may experience mental health issues. These can cause difficulties at home, school, or with friends. One study estimates the rates for some conditions in children and teens:


    • ADHD: 6.8%

    • Behavioural conditions: 3.5%

    • Anxiety: 3%

    • Depression: 2%

    • Autism: 1.1%

Signs of Mental Health Issues or Psychological Distress among Children


    • Unprovoked aggression

    • Leakage of urine

    • Difficulty adjusting to social situations

    • Recurrent nightmares, night terrors, and/or sleep difficulties like insomnia

    • Low grades or a sudden academic decline

    • Constant worry and anxiety

    • Social withdrawal from the activities your child once liked or loved to do

    • A noticeable and/or sudden loss of appetite and/or extreme weight loss

    • Repetitively performing rituals and routines like hand-washing

    • Suicidal ideations (thoughts) or attempts

    • Your child responds to voices he/she hears in his/her head

    • Spending most of his/her time alone or engaging in voluntary social isolation

    • Alcohol and/ or drug abuse

    • Increased physical complaints, despite a healthy report from a medical professional

    • Engaging in self-harm practices, such as cutting oneself

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